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Ewa Riro (Stewed Beans) with Baguette

Ewa Riro refers to Stewed Beans using black-eyed peas, red capsicum, onion, smoked turkey wing, smoked fish, bacon, habanero pepper, […]

From $14.95$79.95

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Mushroom Risotto

This is a creamy Mushroom Risotto with rice, cheese and mushrooms.

From $11.95$65.95

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Brik (Spiced Vegetable Parcels with Salad)

Brik refers to Spiced Vegetable Parcels made of sweet potatoes and spices served with Vegetable Salad (watercress, parsley and fat-free […]

From $10.95$54.95

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Sticky Ribs

Pork ribs and dirty rice, that gets its name from the mixture of spices and meat, served with coleslaw.

From $19.95$112.95

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